Administrative & Cleaning

Event Coordinator Assistant

Assist with the organization and execution of NL events and functions

Personality: Smart Cookie, Detail Oriented, People Person

Event Team Coordinator 

Assist in leading groups of people with NL events

Personality: Leader, Adaptable, Ability to Laugh, Patient

Office Assistance

Assist with with periodic projects; understanding of computers and general office duties

Personality: Talkative, Team Oriented, Outgoing Personality

White Glove Team

Ten minute quick check in our restrooms to make sure it is clean for the next service

Personality: Clean, Type A, Neat Freak, Behind the Scenes

Cleaning Team

Light cleaning needed for our children and student ministries spaces

Personality: Behind the Scenes, Reliable

Laundry Helper 

Does laundry for the infant and nursing mom’s room 

Personality: Dedicated, Behind the Scenes

Toy Inspection

Inspects and cleans nursery and preschool toys 

Personality: Behind the Scenes, Dedicated, Lone Ranger