Worship & Creative

Band Member

Brings the best of their craft to create beautiful music 

Personality: Creative, Dedicated, Passionate


Authentically model contagious joy while leading others in worship

Personality: Authentic, Expressive, Energetic


Run main lighting during Sunday service

Personality: Whiz Kids, Thinks Outside the Box, Intentional

Sound Engineer

In charge of audio during service times

Personality: Nerdy, Alert, Good Ear


Responsible for running video during Sunday services for video podcast

Personality: Easygoing, Eagle Eyes, Sharp

Projection Graphics Design

Prepare the slides and songs for Sunday services

Personality: Colorful, Type A, Meticulous

Projection Graphics Operator

Controls all presentation images that appear on screens during the service

Personality: Dependable, Early Birds, Alert

Stage Hands

Helps to set up/tear down platform for weekend needs

Personality: Mover & Shaker, Behind the Scenes

Design Team

Helps to create and decorate designs for special and/or seasonal services

Personality: Daydreamers, Wild with Possibilities

Communion Team

Helps to serve communion on a monthly basis

Personality: People Person, Quiet, Adaptable


Take photos of church wide events

Personality: Colorful, Good Eye


Take videos for church wide events

Personality: Think Outside the Box, Media Nerd

Social Media

Help maintain the instagram and facebook pages

Personality: Creative, Whiz Kid, Think Outside the Box

Graphic Design

Help create graphics for media outlets, announcements and events

Personality: Creative, Goal Oriented, Dedicated

Camera Operator

Help film periodic short scripts

Personality: Media Nerd, Behind the Scenes

Boom Operator

Help capture audio for filmed shorts

Personality: Tech Geek, Behind the Scenes

Social Media Host

Engage with online members on Sunday mornings

Personality: Engaging, Behind the Scenes