Parking Lot Giving Campaign


We are so thankful for those that have pledged and for those that have already given!

The total amount needed to raise is $255,000 and as of 1/10/2021 we have:

  • $144,406 in pledges!
  • Received $150,553.50


As all of you know, our church parking lot is in great need of repaving. We have been and will continue to work on a reserves savings plan for upcoming capital repairs and maintenance. However, we do not have enough in reserve to be able to pay for such a tremendous project.

Here are the facts:

  • We have received multiple quotes and the best one as far as scope of work and pricing is for around $330,000 (this includes a built in buffer for possible increase of material cost). This quote includes the removing, regrading, and repaving of the entire parking lot as well as regrading the drainage ditch in the front of the building. 

  • We have about $75,000 that we can tap into for reserve savings.

  • This brings the total cost needed to raise to $255,000.

You may be thinking, “That’s a ton of money!” And it is, especially if we were talking about your personal family budget. When the cost is spread out over an entire church family then it seems much more manageable.

  • With 368 parking spots, that means that each spot is about $700.

The challenge that I am putting before our church family is a sacrificial

pledge that is over and above your normal giving for 7 months.

Maybe you want to pledge a parking spot or a portion of a parking spot. Maybe you can pave the way for multiple spots. Maybe you want to simply pledge a one time gift. I simply ask that you would please pray what God would have you pledge to be a part of getting this done. Every family member can commit to something different as we all work together to pave the way for growth here at New Life Church.

It is not equal giving, but equal sacrifice.

Your Pastor,


Check back here often for updates on how the campaign is coming along!!