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Serving Opportunities

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Do you already know where you want to serve? Maybe you’re not certain and prefer exploring different options. You're more than welcome to try these different opportunities and find one that fits you best. Just look through this list and match your interests, passions, and skills to the listed ministries available.


Door Greeters

Greet people as they walk in the doors before service

Personality: People Person, Cheerful

Auditorium Greeters

Greet people within the auditorium introducing new people to long time members

Personality: People person, Social Butterfly, Cheerful

Connect Corner Greeters

Talk with people who are waiting to speak to Pastor Justin

Personality: Gift of Gab, Extroverted, Authentic, Calm

Welcome Center Hosts

Help people sign up for events, answer questions and assist our guests

Personality: Relational, People Person, Trivia Fiend

Parking Lot Team

Help guide guests to designated areas to park

Personality: Gallant, Down to Earth, Outdoorsy

Curbside Concierge Host

Spend time exclusively with our first time guests from curbside to the auditorium

Personality: Relational, Extroverted, People Person

Pasta with the Pastors Team Hosts

Set up and serve a quick lunch for new people

Personality: Cheerful, Caring, Wallflowers

Discover Team Hosts

Prepare a snack and stay for one or more of our Discover Classes taught by our pastors

Personality: Seasoned New Lifer, Outgoing, Gift of Gab

Baptism Team Hosts

Help people prepare for their baptism and host reception afterwards

Personality: Passionate, Relational, About Love

First Impressions Trainer

Guide new team members through job descriptions to set them up for a successful serving experience

Personality: Type A, Teacher, Gracious

Kids Morning Greeter and Helper

Assists parents with any needs and help new families learn the ropes

Personality: Warm, People Person, Caring

Check In Supervisor

Oversees the check in team

Personality: Organized, Multi Tasker, Problem Solver

Check In Assistant

Helps with morning check in and check out

Personality: Confident, Gracious, Computer Savvy



 Setup, make and serve coffee for our Sunday services

Personality: Early Bird, Precise, Belief that Coffee Equals Life


Serves the donuts, muffins & sandwiches; must be able to wear latex gloves

Personality: Early Bird, About Love, Friendly


Runs the register and credit card machine

Personality: Early Bird, Good with Numbers, Cheerful


Cleans the café at closing

Personality: Neat Freak, Type A, Behind the Scene


Life Group Leaders

Lead a small group to help build Church Like Family

Personality: Dedicated, Extrovert, Talkative, Relational

Life Group Hosts

Host a small group at your home providing food, ambiance, and hospitality

Personality: Hospitable, People Person

Life Group Leader Coaches

Help inexperienced and struggling Life Group leaders succeed through coaching and relationship

Personality: Joyful, Encourager

Ancient Paths Hospitality Team Lead

Coordinate AP Hospitality team and schedule throughout ministry time

Personality: Organized Administrator

Ancient Paths Hospitality Team 

Serve attendees of AP by providing food and refreshments on a predetermined schedule

Personality: Hospitable, Organized 

Men’s Mentor

Help disciple another believer and intentionally build relationship with another believer

Personality: Journey Oriented

Women’s Mentor

Help disciple another believer and intentionally build relationship with another believer

Personality: Journey Oriented

Marriage Mentors

Become a certified SYMBIS Marriage Facilitator and bring strength and encouragement to couples in need

Personality: Journey Oriented

Altar Prayer Team Member

Minister to those in need at Sunday morning services and all church events through prayer

Personality: Faith-Filled, Lover of People

First Impressions Prayer Team

Pray for the team members weekly and for God to use us for His glory

Personality: Colorful, Dedicated, Adventurous

Pray.com App Contributor

Weekly contributor to church prayer app leading focused specific prayers on a predetermined theme

Personality: Down to Earth, Communicator

Telephone Prayer Team

You enjoy standing on the Word in Faith and praying for your church family

Personality: Talkative, Faith Filled, People Person



Assist and greet people during Sunday services to find a seat, receive welcome packets and other services

Personality: Outgoing, Cheerful

Usher Security

Usher responsibilities with a security aspect

Personality: Extroverted, Confident

Usher Captain

Head of usher team, will train new team members

Personality: Teacher, Uplifting, Gracious


Concourse Security

Help maintain security in the building during services and other events; must have usher experience

Personality: Eagle Eyes, Calm, Down to Earth

Auditorium Security

Help maintain security in the auditorium; must have usher and concourse security experience

Personality: Eagle Eyes, Calm, Down to Earth


Event Coordinator Assistant

Assist with the organization and execution of NL events and functions

Personality: Smart Cookie, Detail Oriented, People Person

Event Team Coordinator 

Assist in leading groups of people with NL events

Personality: Leader, Adaptable, Ability to Laugh, Patient

Office Assistance

Assist with with periodic projects; understanding of computers and general office duties

Personality: Talkative, Team Oriented, Outgoing Personality

White Glove Team

Ten minute quick check in our restrooms to make sure it is clean for the next service

Personality: Clean, Type A, Neat Freak, Behind the Scenes

Cleaning Team

Light cleaning needed for our children and student ministries spaces

Personality: Behind the Scenes, Reliable

Laundry Helper 

Does laundry for the infant and nursing mom’s room 

Personality: Dedicated, Behind the Scenes

Toy Inspection

Inspects and cleans nursery and preschool toys 

Personality: Behind the Scenes, Dedicated, Lone Ranger


Band Member

Brings the best of their craft to create beautiful music 

Personality: Creative, Dedicated, Passionate


Authentically model contagious joy while leading others in worship

Personality: Authentic, Expressive, Energetic


Help to schedule worship arts team members

Personality: Type A, Planner, Behind the Scenes

Team Hospitality

Help with prep of greenroom for Sundays and set up for Team Nights

Personality: Cheerful, Planner, Caring

Lighting Director

Run main lighting during Sunday service

Personality: Whiz Kids, Thinks Outside the Box, Intentional

Sound Engineer

In charge of audio during service times

Personality: Nerdy, Alert, Good Ear

Video Director

Responsible for running video during Sunday services for video podcast

Personality: Easygoing, Eagle Eyes, Sharp

Audio Editor

Responsible for mixing audio for weekly sermon podcasts

Personality: Meticulous, Quiet, Behind the Scenes

Projection Graphics Design

Prepare the slides and songs for Sunday services

Personality: Colorful, Type A, Meticulous

Projection Graphics Operator

Controls all presentation images that appear on screens during the service

Personality: Dependable, Early Birds, Alert

Stage Hands

Helps to set up/tear down platform for weekend needs

Personality: Mover & Shaker, Behind the Scenes

Design Team

Helps to create and decorate designs for special and/or seasonal services

Personality: Daydreamers, Wild with Possibilities

Communion Team

Helps to serve communion on a monthly basis

Personality: People Person, Quiet, Adaptable


Take photos of church wide events

Personality: Colorful, Good Eye


Take videos for church wide events

Personality: Think Outside the Box, Media Nerd

Social Media

Help maintain the instagram and facebook pages

Personality: Creative, Whiz Kid, Think Outside the Box

Graphic Design

Help create graphics for media outlets, announcements and events

Personality: Creative, Goal Oriented, Dedicated

Camera Operator

Help film periodic short scripts

Personality: Media Nerd, Behind the Scenes

Boom Operator

Help capture audio for filmed shorts

Personality: Tech Geek, Behind the Scenes


Experienced Handyman

General fix-it skills needed for a variety of tasks

Personality: Jack of All Trades, Problem Solver


Experienced plumber needed to assist with general plumbing needs

Personality: Knowledgable, doesn’t mind getting messy


Assist with the care of the church grounds

Personality: Enjoy Outside, Active, Strong


Assist with church projects and needs

Personality: Skilled, Creative


Office Assistance

Assistance needed with periodic missions projects within an office setting

Personality: Type A, Detailed, Goal Oriented 


Participate in event planning and execution of Re-Entry nights

Personality: Creative, Go-Getter, Planner

Outreach Media

Gather information and media to produce video of current missions partnerships

Personality: Creative, Media Nerd, Researcher

Local Outreach Team

Help organize and administrate local outreach events and service days

Personality: Detailed, Go-Getter, Total Giver

Meals Ministry

Help provide a meal to a family who is adjusting after the birth of a child, recovering from an illness or the death of a loved one 

Personality: Make things happen, Foodie

First Impressions Recognition Team

Help create thank you gifts, cards, etc. for the First Impressions team members to encourage them as they serve

Personality: Creative, Colorful, Total Giver

Caring Crafters

Help bring God’s love to the community through crafting needed items; all skill levels welcomed

Personality: Creative, Caring, Total Giver


Lead Teachers

Coordinates and supervises the classroom and helps with any teaching, curriculum and crafts

Personality: Confident, Teacher, Energetic

Adult Assistant

Helps the lead teacher during Sunday services

Personality: Warm, Cheerful, Life of the Party

Teen Helper

Helps adult leaders with the children 

Personality: Dedicated, Takes Direction Well, Youthful

Special Needs Coordinator

Coaches and trains teachers and aides to work with special need children and their families

Personality: Confident, Special Needs Training, Problem Solver 

Special Needs Aide

Provides one on one care for children with special needs

Personality: Caring, High Energy, About Love

Craft Coordinator

Develops and prepares crafts and other class materials for curriculum

Personality: Goal Oriented, Colorful, Creative

Child Care Provider for Infant Nursery

Provides loving care to infants and toddlers

Personality: Warm, Calm, Gracious

Nursery Team Leader

Works with supervisor on behalf of each service team

Personality: Good Communicator, Caring

Seasonal Decoration Helper

Helps with any bulletin boards and holiday decorating that needs to be done

Personality: Creative, Detailed

Kids Curriculum Organizer

Reorganizes curriculum and seasonal items so they are easily accessible

Personality: Type A, Organized

Special Programs Coordinator

Oversees any special children’s events programming 

Personality: Leader, Creative Visionary

Creative Music Director

Plans Sunday morning worship; including music movements and team training

Personality: Passionate Worshiper, Active, Energetic

Creative Music Assistant

Aids the Creative Director 

Personality: Fun Loving, Extrovert, Youthful

Technical Assistant

Assists with all technical aspects of the Sunday morning experience and special events

Personality: Active, Technical, Passionate

Small Group Teacher (grades 1-4)

Leads a grade specific small group

Personality: Kid Friendly, Organized, Solid Faith

Small Group Assistant (grades 1-4)

Assists the Small Group Teacher 

Personality: Leader, Passionate, Encourager

Substitute Help

Able to substitute occasionally when a small group teacher or helper is unavailable or sick

Personality: Spontaneous, Caring, Adventurous

Youth Volunteer

Volunteer who is available some weekends and weekdays who has a desire to learn about the ins and outs of Kids Ministry. This person would work closely with the Children’s Director. May fulfill school volunteer community service hours.

Personality: Total Helper, Loves Kids, Energetic


Sunday Morning Leader

Attend Sunday morning youth group building relationship and investing in our youth

Personality: Dedicated, Extrovert, Talkative, Relational

Wednesday Night Leader

Attend Wednesday Nights youth group building relationship and investing in our youth 

Personality: Dedicated, Extrovert, Talkative, Relational

Re-Modeling Team

Handyman/woman to help design, create or build

Personality: Jack of All Trades, Problem Solver, Creative

Sunday Morning Prep Team

Printing Sunday materials and room set up 

Personality: Goal Oriented, Behind the Scenes

Event Team

Help plan and run events  

Personality: Go Getter, Detail Oriented, People Person

Cafe Team

Serving tables and selling snacks

Personality: Friendly, Server, Good with Numbers

Sound Team

Run soundboard for Sunday Youth Service; must have a good ear

Personality: Tech Nerd, Alert, Good Ear

Light Team

Running light board, running light wires, and installing lights

Personality: Whiz Kids, Thinks Outside the Box, Intentional

Computer Team

Work with pro presenter during Sunday service

Personality: Dependable, Alert

Game Team

Every week teach a new Minute to Win it game to the students

Personality: High Energy, Colorful, Creative

Social Media Team

Take pictures, post them, and share upcoming events

Personality: Think Outside the Box, Whiz Kid