Core Values

We are building a church like family

We are adopted into God’s family, so we intentionally create family and community wherever we go. We will love when its hard, forgive when we don’t feel like it, own our mistakes and fight for each other to grow in God. In family, every person is valuable and everyone has a seat at the table.

We intentionally make space for God to fill

We do not desire to do “church as usual”; we are hungry for God’s presence in our midst. We will always bring our best as we also make room for God to do what only He can do.

We believe that the Word of God has the power to “mine the gold” out of anyone who receives it

We believe that there is more power in one word from God than all the power of the enemy combined. We believe the Bible is not too hard to read and reading it brings us into a relationship with the Author and transforms us into His likeness.

We will do anything short of sin to reach those who don’t know Jesus

We believe that fullness is not measured by what we contain but by what overflows. We believe that our local church should be an agent of hope in our community and beyond.