Kids Volunteer Positions

Lead Teachers

Coordinates and supervises the classroom and helps with any teaching, curriculum and crafts

Personality: Confident, Teacher, Energetic

Adult Assistant

Helps the lead teacher during Sunday services

Personality: Warm, Cheerful, Life of the Party

Teen Helper

Helps adult leaders with the children 

Personality: Dedicated, Takes Direction Well, Youthful

Special Needs Coordinator

Coaches and trains teachers and aides to work with special need children and their families

Personality: Confident, Special Needs Training, Problem Solver 

Special Needs Aide

Provides one on one care for children with special needs

Personality: Caring, High Energy, About Love

Craft Coordinator

Develops and prepares crafts and other class materials for curriculum

Personality: Goal Oriented, Colorful, Creative

Child Care Provider for Infant Nursery

Provides loving care to infants and toddlers

Personality: Warm, Calm, Gracious

Nursery Team Leader

Works with supervisor on behalf of each service team

Personality: Good Communicator, Caring

Seasonal Decoration Helper

Helps with any bulletin boards and holiday decorating that needs to be done

Personality: Creative, Detailed

Kids Curriculum Organizer

Reorganizes curriculum and seasonal items so they are easily accessible

Personality: Type A, Organized

Special Programs Coordinator

Oversees any special children’s events programming 

Personality: Leader, Creative Visionary

Creative Music Director

Plans Sunday morning worship; including music movements and team training

Personality: Passionate Worshiper, Active, Energetic

Creative Music Assistant

Aids the Creative Director 

Personality: Fun Loving, Extrovert, Youthful

Technical Assistant

Assists with all technical aspects of the Sunday morning experience and special events

Personality: Active, Technical, Passionate

Small Group Teacher (grades 1-4)

Leads a grade specific small group

Personality: Kid Friendly, Organized, Solid Faith

Small Group Assistant (grades 1-4)

Assists the Small Group Teacher 

Personality: Leader, Passionate, Encourager

Substitute Help

Able to substitute occasionally when a small group teacher or helper is unavailable or sick

Personality: Spontaneous, Caring, Adventurous

Youth Volunteer

Volunteer who is available some weekends and weekdays who has a desire to learn about the ins and outs of Kids Ministry. This person would work closely with the Children’s Director. May fulfill school volunteer community service hours.

Personality: Total Helper, Loves Kids, Energetic