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sermon notes - 1/13/19

What Would Jesus Undo?


Revelation 3:14-22

“Meh” defined: an expression used to show indifference, apathy, or boredom.

Two Causes of Spiritual “Meh”:

  1. Self-sufficiency (Revelation 3:17)

2. Distractions of this world (Revelation 3:17, Mark 4:19)

Five Symptoms of Being Lukewarm:

  • More concerned with impressing people than living for God

  • Tend to choose what is popular over what is right

  • Only turn to God when they need Him

  • Moved by stories about people who do radical things of Jesus, yet they do not act

  • Gauge their morality or goodness by comparing themselves to the world around them

Spiritual “Meh” Does Not Just Break God’s Heart; it Turns His Stomach

So How Do We Reignite Our Spiritual Fire?

  • Do Something That Requires Faith Every Day!