#ForBiddeford is June 25th! See how you can serve!


Treating People Better Than They Expect To Be Treated

So you've probably seen the green shirts, got the green card and hopefully you're wondering what this is all about!

#ForBiddeford is a time to celebrate our city and the people who live in it. Instead of being a city full of strangers we want people to come together by treating others better than they expect to be treated.

We would love for you to pay it forward to someone else. Make this run like wildfire. Just #forbiddeford on your social media posts so the city can see that there are people, like you, out there wanting to make a difference in their community one random act of kindness at a time.

Join us in treating people better than they expect to be treated!

Need Some Ideas?

Pay it Backward: Go through a fast food drive-thru and pay for the person's order behind you. Leave them the green card if you like!

Upsizing Food Orders: Maybe you are short on cash. So you could pay the difference between their order and the bigger size, which is usually about a dollar. Your offer will get the entire restaurant talking.

Trash Pickup: Streets can get dirty very quick. Grab a few friends and choose a section of your town to clean up.

Pay Laundromat Washer and Dryers: Bring some rolls of quarters. As people enter you can make their day by giving them the chance to save a bit by starting their machine.

Drink Giveaway: On a cooler day make some coffee or hot chocolate to pass out to people. On a hotter day get some bottled waters and lemonade to pass out to people.

Restroom Cleaning at a Local Business: People sometimes do their business at local businesses. Go to one and tell the manager "We'd like to clean your bathrooms for free!" Most likely they'll say no, but they'll feel the love from your offering. And if they say yes, well then you will have the best answer for the question "what is the most random thing you've ever done". Everyone will be impressed. Trust us.

Business Blast: They might have said no to bathrooms, but they might say yes to a treat. Bring in donuts, or candy, or those cool little soda cans; a treat to let them know that how they serve the community with their business is appreciated.

Morning Traffic Donut Giveaway: Grab a box of donuts stand on a corner and hand them out to people commuting to work.

Stamps at the Post Office: Everyone who has had to wait in line for one stamp knows the pain. So how about grabbing a book of stamps and chilling out by the entrance. When you see someone in need of just one stamp you can give them one and save them the time in line.

Pay Library Fines: Libraries are still a thing, and fines still happen. Leave some money there and tell them to put it towards the next person who has a late fine.

Free Bird Feeders and Refills to Convalescent Home Residents: Provide bird feeders- the kind that stick right to windows. Return occasionally to refill the bird feeder and check in on your new elderly friend. You'll get a to hear some great stories from back in the day and not only will you be touching the life of the resident but their extended family as well.

Rain Gutter Cleaning: Live by an elderly individual? A single mom? Or just really want to be nice? Offer to clean out someone's gutters- this will be very appreciated by the homeowners.

Mowing Lawns: Same as above but just on the ground!

School Supplies: Distribute school supplies going house to house, especially in areas where people could really use the help.

Doggie Treats: For all those dog lovers, who wouldn't want someone to come at you with a treat for your canine friend? You can make treats or buy them from a shop. Individually wrap them and give them out at parks or dog runs.

Snow Shoveling: Take on winter like a champ. Offer to clear someones driveway or side walks. There will be two outcomes: 1) The homeowner will be so happy they will offer you hot chocolate, or 2) The homeowner will be so happy but they will not offer you hot chocolate. Either way your arm muscles will be huge! So win-win.

Windshield Ice Scraping: Scrape first, ask questions later.

Christmas Time Scotch Tape: Without fail there will come a time when you will have everything ready to go but alas, no tape. Have some on hand to give to people, you never know who may be in need of tape.

Volunteer with Veterans: Tell veterans thank you for your service to our country by volunteering with your local VA Medical Center.

#ForBiddeford 2021